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Sanremo Opera

Designed with passion and pride, the Sanremo Opera is built to withstand the ‘test of time’ and lives as a testament to its creators. If you are looking to rent a commercial coffee machine that will make your business stand out, look no further.

“Everything you would like to see on an espresso machine.”

The Opera is hailed as a game changing espresso machine by baristas across the globe. This coffe machine is the result of a talented team of professionals determined to make the best espresso machine in the world after being invited to start with a blank canvas and design their ‘dream machine’.

Sanremo Opera Features

  • The Opera controls coffee extraction by brew ratio.
  • All other commercial coffee machines work on volumetric measurement
  • 5 Insulated, PID controlled boilers
  • 6 fully customisable presets per group head
  • Pressure profiling via adjustable gear pumps
  • Bluetooth connectivity allowing all settings to be adjusted live via an app
  • P.I.D. Temperature Control
  • Preheat boiler
  • Integrated 0.5 litre 800W independent
  • Individual boilers for each group head to allow for temperature adjustment
  • Unique fully programmable square profile
  • With variable pump pressure
Sanremo Opera
Opera black
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