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Brewer Hipster 1Group


Hipster is a unique brewer, that unlike any other brewer in the market let’s you choose temperature and brew method for each brewing. It is designed and manufactured in Sweden. The Nordic market has the absolute highest demands in the world when it comes to filtercoffee. Therefore, it is natural that a Swedish company whose team with long experience from the industry, fully takes on this challenge.

Precision of flow, temperature and time are critical factors to reach the highest possible extraction. In particular, specialty coffee is very light roasted, in order to preserve the coffee’s origin in flavor and fragrance, that makes the demands even higher on these 3 parameters precision in order to recreate the same taste experience.

The Hipster fits anywhere, in the restaurant, in the hotel, in the coffeebar etc. You can brew the volume that suits you right now. Select the desired volume, charge the filterbasket with coffee and then start the recipe that you designed for just this coffee.

Brewer Hipster 1Group
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