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your partner for insulated cups.

Welcome to the home of one of the finest range of insulated cups in the world.

Coffee Supply is committed to ensuring you enjoy your hot beverages to their maximum potential.

Coffee Supply manufactures and distributes five varieties of insulated designs, in a full range of sizes from our smallest 4oz espresso cup to a full 20oz serving cup. With plain, stock design and custom printing we can meet all your requirements either as a distributor or as an end user.

Dimple Wrap

The Dimple design, which resembles a doona or duvet (quilt), was our second model and gave our clients the possibility to have a unique look as more copies of the corrugated cup came onto the market. This model has been extremely popular in both Australia and the Nordic countries of Europe. It presents a very ‘cosy’ feel and the design works well for all types of logos and graphic designs.

Dimple Cup

Corrugated Wrap

The Corrugated design was our first model and provides outstanding insulation in terms of reducing transfer of heat to the hand, but also in terms of keeping the beverage hot for longer. The ridge design (stronger and more pointed than others on the market) gives added strength to the cup, keeps the hand further away from the source of heat, and reduces the potential for nesting problems. the corrugation provides a unique and excellence surface for printing.

Corrugated Cup

Flat Wrap

This is our ‘entry’ level insulated cup. The wrap is fixed directly to the cup and while it provides significantly more insulation than a single wall cup, the insulation effect is less than for our other models.


Double wall


Double wall

Triple Wall

Our most recent development has been the triple layer or triple wall cup. This model is our most expensive and is engineered to hold a parcel of air in between two layers of wrap. The wrap is flat (not corrugated) and provides and outstanding surface for printing. This cup is also the most effective in terms of reducing heat transfer to the consumer.


Here are some of the cups we have distributed

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